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Therapy may not be forever but your Journey is just beginning. 

In addition to Neurofeedback therapy, WellBeing CNY offers empowerment life coaching, home biofeedback equipment, and consultation services.

Meet Coach Kristen


Coach Kristen offers:

1) Easy set up support for your home devices (see below)

2) Follow Up Booster Neurofeedback sessions (see below)

3) Empowerment Coaching sessions

  • Coaching is about supporting your forward movement in your life

  • It is different from therapy because the focus is on life goals rather than difficulties

  • Kristen has a warm and engaging style that helps people connect to their own strengths using the Strength Profile

  • Coaching can help you clarify what you want, solve problems, and creatively plan how to move forward on goals. 

  • Coaching can be scheduled at your convenience for 30 minutes or more, in person or telehealth. You can access coaching as a one time support or in an ongoing way.

  • Sessions are $60 for 30 minutes, $100 for one hour 

  • Convenient ONLINE Scheduling system 

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Biofeedback and Neurofeedback at home

Heartmath HRV- Heart Rate Variability

MENDI Home Neurofeedback device 

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Follow up Booster Neurofeedback in office

You can easily schedule a follow up Neurofeedback booster with Coach Kristen anytime after you complete the program. You can come in for 1 to 4 Booster sessions when you feel that you need that extra edge. Each booster session is $70. 

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Alternative healing connections for the body and the mind

Creative art therapy, creative written expression, yoga for beginners, stretching to release body tension, homeopathy, and other methods to explore

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Clinical Supervision and Consultation

Dr. Tyrrell Baker provides clinical supervision, consultation services, and presentations to companies and organizations. 

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