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Effective psychotherapy relationships are the backbone of our work. We also believe that psychotherapy should be time-limited. We provide many strategies for making progress that lasts.  

Therapy may not be forever but your journey is just beginning. 

Meet Coach Kristen

Professional Coaching sessions

  • Kristen has been trained as a professional coach by a leading expert in the field of positive psychology coaching. 

  • Coaching is about charting a course to gain momentum on life goals and build sustainable well-being

  • Kristen has a warm and engaging style that helps people connect to their own strengths using the Strength Profile

  • Coaching can be scheduled at your convenience for 30 minutes or 60 minutes, in person or via zoom. You can access coaching as a one time support or in an ongoing way

  • Coach Kristen's Sessions are $60 for 30 minutes, $100 for one hour, Self pay only 

  • Convenient ONLINE Scheduling system 

  • Email Kristen directly with questions

Coach Kristen also schedules:

Maintenance/booster Neurofeedback sessions for people who have had at least 12 sessions of Neurofeedback therapy.


Home Biofeedback and Neurofeedback devices -purchase equipment, learn to use it effectively and safely. 

Biofeedback and Neurofeedback at home

Heartmath HRV- Heart Rate Variability- train the connections from the body to the brain

MENDI Home Neurofeedback device

we often suggest this device to help maintain effects after a series of in office Neurofeedback sessions

Maintenance/ Booster Neurofeedback sessions 

You can easily schedule a follow up Neurofeedback booster with Coach Kristen anytime after you complete the program. You can come in for 1 to 4 Booster sessions when you feel that you need that extra edge. If you want to keep  Neurofeedback in your regular schedule, our recommendation is that you come every 4-5 weeks.

Each booster session is $100. Self pay only. 

Clinical Supervision and Consultation

Dr. Tyrrell Baker provides clinical supervision, consultation services, and presentations to companies and organizations. 

Interested in a consultation?

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