Christine Tyrrell Baker, PhD


Dr. Tyrrell Baker is the director of our WellBeing CNY team. She has been in practice for over 17 years. She has her PhD in clinical psychology from the University of Delaware and completed her clinical psychologist internship at Upstate Medical University. She completed her undergraduate studies at Cornell University.

She has received specialized training in Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and pIR HEG Neurofeedback.

The best description of Dr. Tyrrell Baker’s overall approach is Integrative Psychology. Integrative Psychology considers humanity from a perspective of wholeness, health, and systems and combines groundbreaking science with traditional understandings of human growth, development, change, and adjustment over the lifespan.

Dr. Tyrrell Baker is an experienced teacher and was an adjunct professor at Syracuse University’s School of Social Work for more than 12 years. She is on the clinical faculty at Upstate Medical University’s Department of Psychiatry.

Rosemary Thompson, MSW

Rosemary Thompson is formally educated as a social worker but works as a holistic health provider specializing in homeopathy. She collaborates with the WellBeing CNY team.

She also has her own business focusing on  Neurofeedback for children and adolescents

Kristen Gale, BS

Kristen Gale is a graduate of Clarkson University with a degree in Management and Engineering. 

She is a Neurofeedback Technician on the Wellbeing CNY team.