Christine Tyrrell Baker, PhD

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Director of our WellBeing CNY team

I received my doctorate in clinical psychology in 1998 from University of Delaware. I did my undergraduate studies in Human Development at Cornell University. My overall approach is Integrative Psychology. Integrative Psychology considers humanity from a perspective of wholeness, health, and systems and combines groundbreaking science with traditional understandings of human growth, development, change, and adjustment over the lifespan. 

My passion is helping clients discover the changes that occur in their lives as a result of Neurofeedback. I use my 21 years of experience as a clinical psychologist, leader, and teacher to help both clients and practitioners take advantage of this healing technology. My Stress Regulation and Learning Model (SRL) is the first of it's kind, intended to influence the field of mental health to embrace neuroscience and learning technology to get better results for all people. 


Kristen Gale

Neurofeedback technician and Wellness coach at WellBeing CNY

Kristen has always been a curious seeker of healing for herself and others.  She is passionate about neuroscience.  She became interested in neuroscience after reading Daniel Seigel’s book Mindsight and  gaining an understanding of brain plasticity.  It changed the way she understood her own mental health challenges and it gave her hope along her healing  journey.  Instead of asking “what’s wrong with me”, the question became “what happened to me”?  She’s been super lucky to attend retreats and meet many inspiring people along her road to recovery.

Kristen has a BS from Clarkson University in Engineering and Management.  She spent the early part of her career in the computer industry while living in So California.  She eventually migrated back to CNY where she worked in Medical Manufacturing.  Kristen has always been interested in wellness and especially emotional wellbeing.  She has experience in mindfulness, meditation, and yoga and is an active parent advocate of Social Emotion Learning in our children’s schools. 


Rosemary Thompson

Neurofeedback Collaborator


Rosemary has a Masters of Social Work degree from Syracuse University. Her passion is homeopathy and other holistic approaches that facilitate self healing. She is most passionate about is listening to others and providing a space where they can make connections about their life, health and well-being.

Rosemary collaborates with the WellBeing CNY team to provide monthly maintenance Neurofeedback for people who have had 12 or more sessions of Neurofeedback and now are in the maintenance phase. 


She also specializes in providing Neurofeedback to children and adolescents.