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"I feel tuned in"

“My friends see such a difference in me.    Before I was stuck and now my interests are propelling me forward.   In relationships I’m setting boundaries.  I’m standing my ground and letting go of toxic people.   I meditate when I feel anxious rather than overthinking.  I feel tuned in.”

“Neurofeedback has been an integral part of healing my trauma"

Neurofeedback  has been an integral part of healing my trauma and has helped retrain my brain to think clearly and function under high stress.  I would strongly encourage anyone to utilize this treatment to not only restore lost function from trauma but to help develop and train for those high periods of stress often encountered in stressful jobs or other situations.  In other words, I consider Neurofeedback as a tool of healing and as a tool to enhance performance.”

"My anxiety has been significantly reduced" 

I truly believe that neurofeedback has changed my life.  I have the ability to slow down and think before acting or reacting. My anxiety has been significantly reduced and when I do experience it, it’s a lot easier to stay calm and think rationally”

Neurofeedback therapy helps people who want to try something different for their mental health. 

If you are thinking about the Neurofeedback therapy, you may be feeling stuck and are ready to try a different approach to stress, anxiety, depression, anger, attention difficulties, addiction, and/or trauma. 

WellBeing CNY Neurofeedback

​Dr. Tyrrell Baker and her team are trained in the pIR HEG method of Neurofeedback. The method is non-invasive, there are no electrodes and nothing is being done to the brain.  The method involves completing a learning task while watching a movie. A simple headband measures heat from your forehead (prefrontal area). The program provides feedback to you when heat is increasing or decreasing in this area of the brain. Through this feedback, the brain learns and changes in function. Brain activity in the prefrontal area increases and activity in the emotional center of the brain (limbic system) decreases. 


Clients generally report that they find the task user-friendly and interesting to experience. It takes approximately 5 training sessions to begin to see its effects. Individuals report changes in their responses to stress, anxiety, anger, and depression. Many individuals report feeling calmer in the face of trauma triggers and able to make significant changes in addiction or other long term patterns. 

Neurofeedback is a type of biofeedback- a process of providing a person with their own biological data to gain greater control over involuntary biological functions.

Data below is based on clients who have gone through Neurofeedback therapy at WellBeing CNY. 
Significant Changes can be seen in as few as 5 sessions. For many people, changes occur incrementally over about 12 to 20 sessions. See below for the results we have gathered.

***Results vary by individual. Data presented below are a summary across our patient population and are not a guarantee of specific outcomes.

Anxiety Decreases

Our clients report less physiological anxiety. They can notice their automatic worry or avoidance associated with anxiety and make new choices.


Our clients report that mood improves as feelings of being stuck and/or hopeless fall away. 


Self confidence increases

Self efficacy is the view that one has the capacity to meet and overcome challenges in one's life. High global self efficacy (GSE)  allows people to feel safe and capable, open to possibilites, and able to take risks necessary to support their lives. 


Resilience and coping expands

Coping self efficacy is the belief in your ability to find multiple strategies to cope with stress and emotions. Our clients report feeling calmer and more capable of finding new ways to cope.

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