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WellBeing CNY provides a one of a kind approach to help people who need an alternative approach in their mental health. 

We can help get you unstuck.

Syracuse Neurofeedback

 If you have been dealing with stress, mental health, or relationship problems and progress has been slow, we can help you get unstuck.


Neurofeedback Therapy Works. See our outcomes.

Neurofeedback can improve your mental health.



Neurofeedback helps to quiet the part of the brain responsible for nightmares, hypervigilence, and fear. Randomized Controlled studies show that people with chronic PTSD show improvements in symptoms and in emotion regulation.



After Neurofeedback training, people feel less physiological anxiety. Panic attacks and emotional reactivity decrease.

Performance/ Attention

Performance/ Attention

People report increased focus, mental clarity, taking action, and a decrease in procrastination. Neurofeedback helps ADHD



Neurofeedback reduces the need to shut down emotionally and creates new feelings of capability and hope



Neurofeedback can facilitate the process to interrupting habits and building emotional skills make addiction recovery a reality

Neurofeedback can change your life in 3 easy steps


Start with weekly Neurofeedback sessions

Most people benefit from between 12 and 20 sessions.


Find new peace of mind as stuck patterns change and your ability to handle stress improves.

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What people say about Neurofeedback therapy

"I feel tuned in"


“My friends see such a difference in me.    Before I was stuck and now my interests are propelling me forward.   In relationships I’m setting boundaries.  I’m standing my ground and letting go of toxic people.   I meditate when I feel anxious rather than overthinking.  I feel tuned in.”

"My anxiety has been significantly reduced" 


“I truly believe that neurofeedback has changed my life.  I have the ability to slow down and think before acting or reacting. My anxiety has been significantly reduced and when I do experience it, it’s a lot easier to stay calm and think rationally”

“Neurofeedback has been an integral part of healing my trauma"

Neurofeedback  has been an integral part of healing my trauma and has helped retrain my brain to think clearly and function under high stress.  I would strongly encourage anyone to utilize this treatment to not only restore lost function from trauma but to help develop and train for those high periods of stress often encountered in stressful jobs or other situations.  In other words, I consider Neurofeedback as a tool of healing and as a tool to enhance performance.”

"Neurofeedback allowed me to understand my past without always having to be on guard.  "

Dr. Baker suggested Nuerofeedback for me.  I have to admit I was a bit skeptical when she explained the process.  It didn’t take very long for me to become a complete believer.  The first thing I noticed was how fast my anger began to fade.  Neurofeedback created the ability to stop and think through situations before automatically reacting. I was dealing with severe paranoia and being on “high alert” pretty much twenty for hours a day for all of my life. Neurofeedback allowed me to understand my past without always having to be on guard.  For the first time in my life I began experiencing true peace and began seeing significant changes in my health for the better. "

For Therapists and Neurofeedback Providers

Upcoming Events- Dr. Tyrrell Baker's next clinical training


Dec 1, 2023, 9-4pm, 5.5CEs available  


Hot off the press!!

Dr. Tyrrell Baker has recently published the first formally documented study on pIR HEG neurofeedback applied to a mental health population

Baker, C. T. (2023). Documenting the effects of non-invasive prefrontal neurofeedback in the treatment of common mental health problems. Neuro Regulation, 10 (3), 207-218 







TRansform your psychotherapy practice with Neurofeedback 


WellBeing CNY

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