Neurofeedback- how does it work?  What are the results?

Neurofeedback is a type of biofeedback- a process of providing a person with their own biological data to gain greater control over involuntary biological functions.

Neurofeedback is a simple learning task that quickly adjusts brain function. It is easy to use. Sessions occur in the office and are about 45-60 minutes in length
The task: As you watch a movie, you have a headband on. This headband measures heat in your prefrontal cortex. 
When the headband senses a drop in heat in this part of your brain, the movie stops. Then you focus and relax allowing the heat to move back into the prefrontal cortex. The task is challenging but all people can do it. 
Over several repetitions of the task, the brain develops a new dominant pathway. 
With the prefrontal cortex more active, many positive changes occur with little effort. Tension goes down, symptoms decrease, self confidence and relationships improve. 
Significant Changes can be seen in as few as 5 sessions. For many people, changes occur incrementally over about 12 to 20 sessions. See below for the results we have gathered. Click here to read testimonials of people describing the benefit of Neurofeedback in their lives.

***Results vary by individual. Data presented below are a summary across our patient population and are not a guarantee of specific outcomes.

Anxiety Decreases

Our clients report less physiological anxiety. They can notice their automatic worry or avoidance associated with anxiety and make new choices.


Our clients report that mood improves as feelings of being stuck and/or hopeless fall away.

Self confidence increases

Self efficacy is the view that one has the capacity to meet and overcome challenges in one's life. High global self efficacy allows people to feel safe and capable, open to possibilites, and able to take risks necessary to support their lives.  


Resilience and coping expands

Coping self efficacy is the belief in your ability to find multiple strategies to cope with stress and emotions. Our clients report feeling calmer and more capable of finding new ways to cope.