What are some issues that Neurofeedback helps with? 

PTSD Neurofeedback helps to quiet the part of the brain responsible for nightmares, hypervigilence, and fear. Randomized Controlled studies show that people with chronic PTSD show improvements in symptoms and in emotion regulation.

Anxiety After Neurofeedback training, people feel less physiological anxiety. Panic attacks and emotional reactivity decrease.

Depression Neurofeedback creates reduces the need to shut down emotionally and creates new feelings of capability and hope

Couples When both members of a couple complete training, the overall reactivity of communication decreases and the couple becomes more open to learning from each other and looking at old issues in new ways.

Focus and Productivity Neurofeedback helps with ADHD. People report increased focus, mental clarity, taking action, and a decrease in procrastination

Athletics Neurofeedback reduces the influence of our nervous system on athletic performance. It smooths our neuromuscular control making performance more consistent.