Neurofeedback can help.

 If you have been dealing with stress, mental health, or relationship problems and progress has been slow, Neurofeedback can help you get unstuck.


Neurofeedback is not talking through problems or learning skills that you have to remember to use in real situations. Instead, Neurofeedback allows one’s brain to process difficult things with less fear and more self awareness. This results in less symptoms and more resilience. 


Unlike medication, it has no known side effects, and Neurofeedback training can result in changes that last for months, even years with no or minimal additional treatment needed.

What is Neurofeedback?

Neurofeedback for Stress Trauma and Mental Health

Neurofeedback for Athletes and Executives

Neurofeedback for Couples


Neurofeedback can help people who may want a new way of addressing stress, attention issues, anxiety, depression, PTSD, anger, irritability, and/or impulsivity. 


Neurofeedback can smooth out neuromuscular control making athletic performance more consistent. Executives can benefit from neurofeedback to optimize cognitive function and to deal more effectively with stress

More often than not, the level of conflict and reactivity between the dyad make couples therapy very difficult. We specialize in an innovative approach that combines therapy with Neurofeedback.