Spilling Sand

If you are thinking about the Neurofeedback, you may be feeling stuck and are ready to try a different approach to stress, anxiety, depression, anger, attention difficulties, addiction, and/or trauma. 

Our innovative solutions to stress and mental health have produced reliable, transformative results for our patients.

Dr. Tyrrell Baker and her team are trained in the pIR HEG method of Neurofeedback. The method is non-invasive, there are no electrodes and nothing is being done to the brain.  The method involves completing a learning task while watching a movie. A simple headband measures heat from your forehead (prefrontal area). The program provides feedback to you when heat is increasing or decreasing in this area of the brain. Through this feedback, the brain learns and changes in function. Brain activity in the prefrontal area increases and activity in the emotional center of the brain (limbic system) decreases. 


Clients generally report that they find the task user-friendly and interesting to experience. It takes approximately 5 training sessions to begin to see its effects. 

Individuals report changes in their responses to stress, anxiety, anger, and depression. Many individuals report feeling calmer in the face of trauma triggers and able to make significant changes in addiction or other long term patterns. 

Standard individual services include:

-1 or 2 assessment meetings with Dr. Tyrrell Baker

-12 Neurofeedback sessions (Neurofeedback plus education and skills related to nervous system regulaton)

-Individualized progress reports

-Collaboration with your therapist or primary treatment provider. 

-Additional Neurofeedback sessions as needed 

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