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Neurofeedback for Mental Health

Unique program tailored to people receiving traditional mental health services who feel stuck. Maybe treatment is progressing slowly or maybe certain symptoms continue despite the care you are receiving. Maybe you are considering taking medications but want to try something else before taking that step.  Neurofeedback can help many different types of issues including ADHD, anxiety, depression, PTSD, anger, irritability, and/or impulsivity. 

This program is meant to ignite change.  When you add Neurofeedback, effortless changes occur. Mental clarity increases, ability to control one's emotional responses increases, and self awareness widens.  Neurofeedback helps people have confidence in their own ability to change things that are in their own control. If you have a current therapist, we will coordinate care with them. If you do not have a current therapist, we will refer you to one if this something you are interested in.

Neurofeedback for Performance Enhancement - Athletes 

This program is meant for very dedicated athletes who want to reduce the effects of stress and anxiety on their performance. Muscle tension and physiological anxiety can cause small disruptions in the performance of even the best trained athlete. Neurofeedback training smooths out neuromuscular control and generally causes performance to get more consistent. Neurofeedback for athletes is a performance enhancement program.

Neurofeedback for Executives

This program is meant for executives who are trying to maximize their focus, cognitive skills, ability to manage complex interpersonal situations and stressful work environments. Neurofeedback for executives is both performance enhancement and stress management program. If you have a therapist or a coach, we can work to coordinate with them. If not and you need additional support, we can refer you to someone. 

Neurofeedback for Couples

This program is for couples who are struggling with relationship programs. Couples therapy is commonly sought but also commonly ineffective. It is very difficult for counseling to override the strong emotional intensity that usually comes with couples who are hurting and in conflict. Wellbeing CNY can provide Neurofeedback to both members of the couple allowing the possibility that the couple can work through their problems from a more grounded, less emotional place. If you have a couples therapist, we will work to coordinate care with them. If you do not have a couples therapist and want one, we can refer you.