Enhanced Psychotherapy


Dr. Tyrrell Baker sees adults for psychotherapy but with the added benefit of Neurofeedback integrated into sessions. From Dr. Tyrrell Baker:


"I use Neurofeedback with clients to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of psychotherapy. Neurofeedback prepares the brain for new learning making the process of reflecting on one’s experience and making changes in one’s habits easier. 


With Neurofeedback, one’s ability to pause, observe, and flexibly choose one’s responses increases. It helps people observe themselves in the moment and make changes to their automatic habits and become unstuck. Given these effects, it is an extremely useful tool for enhancing outcomes of ‘talk therapy’ as it allows one’s brain to process things differently ieading people to see progress early and gain confidence for making changes. 

When I use Neurofeedback as part of Psychotherapy sessions, I see substantial progress in most patients. In addition, it goes beyond improving symptoms to healing old wounds and reorganizing perceptions of self. It is a very rewarding process for both my clients and myself."