The Couples Program- A different journey for couples
Comprehensive, unique.   

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If you are seeking couples therapy, there is a good chance that your relationship is in distress. Likely, certain topics or events have created strong emotional and physiological reactions in each of you. Your stress systems are working overtime. 


Without some relief from this kind of stress in each of you, the stressed relationship pattern will be much harder to change. When you and your partner talk about your conflict and the hurt you each experience, the stress you are already feeling can escalate.


This is partly what makes couples therapy difficult to tolerate for many people. It also makes it difficult for progress to be made. 


In our comprehensive couples program, couples regulate their stress systems and get to know how they uniquely experience and respond to stress. By working on stress regulation along side of relationship issues, couples can more easily listen and learn from each other. Working on the core issues is more effective when couples are more emotionally regulated.


Neurofeedback is a very effective method for stress regulation. Neurofeedback is a learning protocol which naturally increases activity in the prefrontal cortex of the brain. This allows activated stress patterns to relax and automatically we are more open and able to learn. This is a key component of the Couples' program. Click here to learn more about Neurofeedback. 

We also weave individual sessions with each partner into the process so that individual concerns can be clarified and self understanding can be fostered.

The couples' program is a comprehensive approach that delivers effective outcomes for couples:

-clarification and resolution of key relationship issues

-growing understanding for each person of their own responses to stress and how they affect the relationship

-long term benefits of Neurofeedback for each person including better emotional regulation necessary for both individual and relationship success. 


The general protocol for treatment is flexible but there are 16 sessions offered:


-2 assessment sessions with couple

-4 individual meetings with each person

-5 Neurofeedback sessions with each person

-5 couples sessions

This program is approximately 12-16 weeks in length.

No insurance accepted. $3200 is the cost of the program. Additional sessions billed at hourly rate. 

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